How to Provide Trees with the Best Care Possible in Newmarket

If you take care of your trees, they will take care of you. Not only by providing shade when you need to cool off in the hot months of the year, but also by giving your home the colourful appeal it deserves.

Trees help to create a feeling of tranquility and provide enjoyment for everyone. A home with beautifully cared for trees not only looks more appealing than one with none, but also, this adds to its resale value by a considerable amount. To help you protect this investment, we have laid down the best tree protecting tips to keep them healthy and looking beautiful for years to come.


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  1. Know your tree type and tree needs

Before you can provide proper care, you first have to know what type of trees grow on your property. If you have just moved into a new home with trees in the front and backyard, it would be best to call the professionals for tree service in Newmarket to help you determine the type of trees that grow on your property. Once you know what type of trees you are dealing with, carry out some research to find out what type of care the trees need, what soil is best for them, and whether they are affected by different weather conditions.

  1. Regularly Pruning the Trees

Pruning the trees around your home helps them grow lush and strong. However, a lot of care needs to be taken during pruning to ensure it is done properly. Unfortunately, when it’s not done right, pruning can cause more harm than good. Improper pruning can lead to destabilization of the trees, damage the trees, or even spread disease. If you have just a few trees, you can prune them yourself, however, for proper pruning, you should seek the help of an expert tree service in Pickering to get the job done right.

  1. Hydrating and Mulching Trees

Obviously, watering trees is important for their growth. Ensure that your trees get enough water every week. Tree experts recommend about 25 gallons of water per week for healthy growth. What’s more, mulching your trees will help protect your trees from excessive fertilization and watering. Mulch should be put about 2 to 3 inches around the tree, and it should be done regularly, as well. However, previous mulch should be removed before a new layer is added, in order to protect the trees.

  1. Protect their roots

For trees to thrive and maintain their greenery, they need a great foundation, which they get from their roots. Healthy trees need healthy roots, which need healthy soil. To maintain healthy soil, you should hire tree experts who offer tree service in Pickering to provide the right soil treatment to suit your trees and aid in their growth.

  1. Select healthy trees that suit your location

Before you buy a tree, consult experts in tree service in Newmarket to help you choose trees that will thrive in your region and your home’s soil type.



The above tips are guaranteed to help keep your trees in top notch condition and keep them growing lush and strong. It would also be in your best interests to regularly seek the help of professional companies for tree service in Pickering to provide maintenance so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the trees for generations to come.

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