How To Start A Passive ATM Business

Sometimes the best businesses are those that find a unique niche. That one thing virtually everyone will want or need across the board, regardless of demographics, seasons, or international borders. The business specializes in offering the general public something very particular.

One thing we all need at one time or another is money. Cold, hard cash. Even though we are living in an increasingly digital (and cashless) society, not every retailer or merchant is going to accept credit cards or an electronic funds transfer.

For those instances, cash in hand is the only way to pay for the things you wish to purchase. When that happens, you’re going to need an automatic teller machine or ATM.

You’ve seen them around everywhere, typically owned by banks and credit unions and placed on street corners, gas stations, supermarkets, and anywhere that their customers might need to make a quick withdrawal.

However, the banks aren’t the only ones offering ATM use to consumers. There are many of them owned by people just like you and me, making large sums of passive income with every swipe of an ATM card.

ATM business startup opportunities are popping up every day, run by normal folks who are looking to establish a passive source of consistent income. All it takes is some smart strategizing and a machine and you’re ready to make money!

What’s most appealing about starting a business such as this is the small amount of preparation required and a minimal level of effort to maintain the operation so that it’s always ready to serve your customer base.

In fact, the toughest part of the exercise is raising the initial capital to invest in getting the business up and running. Even that won’t be too burdensome either as it doesn’t take a lot of money to get started.

Here are the basic steps you need to take to start a passive ATM business immediately:

The Business Plan

Every good business begins with a plan. Start with how much you plan to invest in the operation and how you plan to acquire the money.

The plan should also outline what you expect to do about obtaining the machine itself. Some people rent one, others will buy it outright and own it themselves. The direction you plan to take may depend heavily on how much money you wish to invest in this endeavor.

You’re looking at a cost of more than $5000 to own a machine. But that’s an upfront, one time sum of money that covers the acquisition costs of the unit.

Some businesses will opt instead to sign a lease for their ATM, paying a monthly rental cost that could be as low as $50 and as high as $150. That price can fluctuate dependent upon the type of lease you sign and the machine you plan to rent.

Whichever way you decide to go on owning the machine, you must also consider the additional expenses that you will be expected to incur along with a plan for seeing a return on your investment and when that might happen.

Those additional costs should include various startup expenses, maintenance costs, insurance premiums, everything you’ll be asked to pay either up front or over time.

Choosing your Location

This decision is one of the most important you’ll make in the establishment of your ATM business. Figuring out where to place your machine to drum up the most customers can be the thing to make or break the operation altogether.

You’ll need to find that delicate balance between choosing an area that has too many Carolina ATM machines in the vicinity and choosing one that has enough foot traffic of passersby. This may sound relatively easy at first, but it can be a real challenge to designate that perfect piece of real estate.

You might need to strike up a deal with a local business owner or proprietor who owns property in just the right spot, that’s when the negotiations begin.

Positioning your ATM in an outdoor area such as a park or amphitheater could be a good choice as these may not be situated near other competing machines. But they could also lack the proper levels of foot traffic to make it a lucrative location for the long term.

Security and Insurance

You must protect yourself and your customers should something happen. If you place the ATM in a dark or potentially dangerous spot, people won’t want to use the machine. You will also want to take precautions should the machine be robbed, stolen, or vandalized.

Finding the right policy to keep your investment sound and secure is going to take some research and comparison shopping of insurance agencies. But if you do that work ahead of time, you will be a lot happier later in the event of an incident.

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