Things to check for in a gardener before hiring

Maintaining a garden is not an easy job. If you want a simple front yard and are just looking for someone who can mow the lawn or just cut the grass all you will need to look for is who is willing to do it for the lowest amount of money. But if you are looking for someone who will be able to stand up to a particular challenge and provide and maintain a beautiful garden that is sure to be a thing of beauty and joy forever, you will need to look at a lot of other factors before deciding on someone to work with your garden. These include knowledge of the specific challenges associated with growing the particular type of plants you have in mind, ability to communicate a realistic ideal for your garden as well as the maintenance required to keep the garden looking beautiful.

It is so important to remember that just having a beautiful garden is not enough and you need to do so much to ensure that your garden stays monitored and maintained regularly, and finding a capable gardener is a key to achieving that. If you are looking for a gardener for your home, these are some of the areas you might want to focus on to ensure that he is up for the job.


While we don’t associate a task like gardening with any special skills, if you need good work done, you will need to hire a specialist. Check for the credentials of the gardener, his certificates for horticulture or landscaping. Some licenses like a contractor’s license for a landscaping artist, which can enable you to determine if the company is a professional. Ideally, you are looking for someone with some experience in the field.


If you are looking for someone capable of handling a high maintenance project, you will need to ask for recommendations. The best way to come across a good landscaper is to ask your friends and family for a reference or look at any neighbour’s yards to find one that you admire and ask for the reference. If you can, ask the gardener for his reference list and check up with the listed references.

Sustainable/organic yard management

If you are looking for a way to make your yard more sustainable or if you are planting any vegetable plants or herbs, and you want to go the organic route, it is a good idea to ask the gardener what he uses for fertilisers, weeds and pests. Also, inform him of your request early on to ensure you both are on the same page about what you are doing with the yard/garden. You also have to factor in the costs associated with the sustainable and organic method and ensure that the gardener has adequate knowledge about maintaining a yard.

Preamble landscaping

This is one of the latest and the best methods of landscape design that is better for the environment and is a green procedure that enriches the soil by enabling the permeability of air and water into the soil and allowing it to access better nutrients. It can also help create additional space for cultivating plants and can help attract butterflies and birds. This can aid the environment by enabling the rainwater falling on the permeable material to collect into the water table and replenish the rapidly drying water table underneath the earth instead of diverting into the oceans and the rivers. If you are interested in permeable landscaping, you will have to have a gardener who understands how to materialise the technique by blending it with your garden to create a beautiful garden that is genuinely helping the atmosphere.

Vegetable growing

It is very essential to ask what type of plants your gardener is comfortable with handling. You can’t expect every gardener to know about building vegetables or herbs if you are thinking about planting those since they require specific types of care and different types of particular nutrients. If you are planning on growing your vegetables and getting some fresh and organic produce, it is indispensable to talk to the gardener about the possibility of undertaking a project of that magnitude.

Personal requests

If you want to manage a specific area of the garden, like a vegetable patch, herb garden or a rose bush that holds sentimental value all by yourself, it is exceptionally key to communicate that to the gardener.

The basics

Do not forget to take note of the bid they are offering, and it can be a good idea to get multiple bids, however, remember that time required and the extent of the work you want to get done does affect the prices as well as the experience of the gardener. Ask for a breakdown of the prices if you are worried about being overcharged. You can also go to DealVoucherz to get discounts and deals on your local gardener service providers today.

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