Tips for Renting a Portable Restroom for Your Wedding Venue In Edmonton

Are you planning an outdoor wedding event during Edmonton’s beautiful spring or summer weather? While these are the ideal and most popular times to plan an outdoor event, one of the most overlooked considerations is where guests will relieve themselves when the need arises. The wedding as well as the reception typically take between 4-10 hours and involve the indulgence of an unending flow of food and drinks, which means offering restroom facilities is an absolute must when planning a wedding. If you’re planning to have your special day outside, then you should definitely consider portable toilet rentals in Edmonton. Below are helpful tips to help you get the most from portable toilets in Edmonton.

i. Schedule Portable Toilet Rentals In Edmonton in Advance

Since buying restroom trailers is a costly affair, it is rare to find a portable toilet company that stocks them in large quantities and companies that have thousands of portable toilets in Edmonton may only have a few to rent out due to the demand for the facilities. Therefore, when considering portable toilet rentals in Edmonton during a busy season, it is advisable that you book yours 2-3 months in advance. Some agencies will offer a refund if you cancel your rental request a month in advance. Consequently, it’s better to make an advance booking than ignore it altogether.

ii. Consider The Number Of Guests As Well As Those With Special Bathroom Needs

The portable toilets in Edmonton are completely self-contained with most having water storage and reliable water supply. Even so, there is a limit to the amount of water and waste that the portable toilets can hold. To avoid embarrassing situations, you should let the portable toilet rental company know the number of guests you expect to host on your big day, including the needs of guests with special needs. If some guests are disabled or elderly, it might be difficult for them to use the regular portable toilets in Edmonton, especially if they are fitted with stairs. Some companies offer portable toilet facilities with handicapped access, so keep this in mind.

iii. Check That Your Location Can Accommodate The Portable Toilet Rentals In Edmonton

It is worth noting that the trailers transporting the restroom facilities are just as big as the typical RV. They are high enough to be scratched by tree branches and might not have sufficient ground clearance to get around tree limbs. Therefore, you need to check that the entire path leading from the driveway to the location of the wedding reception location is clear. Trim down trees and the tree roots if necessary for an easier entry for the trucks bringing in the portable toilets.

Porta potties or portable toilets in Edmonton offer an excellent solution for public restrooms, especially for locations that have no permanent restrooms or places where having permanent toilets are an impractical idea. When planning a wedding or any other event in the outdoor space, you can opt for portable toilet rentals in Edmonton. These restrooms are small, self-contained units that you can order to suit your event colour scheme or theme.

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