Quality Weight Scales in Edmonton, Alberta

If you work in a company or industry that requires regular weighing of trucks, you need to use quality weighing equipment for the task. In case you have such a need, there are numerous well-equipped companies that can provide you with the resources you need for your weighing operations. These companies usually sell, rent out, repair and service a range of weighing scales and related systems.

Quality Weight Scales in Edmonton, Alberta

If you are looking for superior weighing solutions in Edmonton or the wider Alberta region, you will find renowned suppliers of quality weight scales and a range of related systems. They can not only supply top quality scales from renowned brands in the industry, but also offer related services such as setup, repair, and even calibration. Whether you are looking for specialists in weight scales in Alberta, or experts in repairing and servicing weight scales in Edmonton, these companies can help. They mainly offer:

1. Truck Scale Rentals

If you need a truck scale for your job site but are not able to own one due to economic constraints, these companies can provide you with very affordable rentals. They have a huge assortment of great quality truck scales that come in multiple sizes in order to meet your exact weighing needs. For instance, they have axle scales, as well as full-size portable truck scales that are suitable for different applications. Their scales are:

a) Highly accurate
b) Easily portable
c) Easy to install and use

  1. Physician Scales

These companies also offer great physician scales with contemporary function and a modern appearance. Coming with clear lines, fresh and forward-thinking features, their scales are ideal for use in fitness and medical environments. Their digital physician scales are designed to allow for easier electronic medical record-keeping by enabling you to easily transmit the scale data to other external devices. Featuring a heavy-duty design, the feature-rich scales can help you to achieve premium precision and unmatched accuracy levels. Moreover, they also have integrated rubber wheels for easier and comfortable transportation.

3. Rail Boss Train Scales

These companies also offer Rail Boss train scales which are easy to install and offer a more cost-effective method of weighing the stationary railroad cars. They are cheaper, require less space than conventional rail scales and are ideal for use in agricultural operations, agricultural plants and different scrap yards. The scales can be customized to just about any rail size and may be integrated with the Rail Boss software in order to achieve greater efficiency, especially for double draft and full draft applications.

These companies can also offer you the best automated ticketing systems, different vessel weighing modules, remote displays, weight indicators and data management software for different truck scales. They also offer quality floor scales, train scales, load cells, counting scales, and bench scales, among many other types of scales. Moreover, if you have a faulty scale, the experts at these companies can help with the repair, servicing or calibration. Whether you need quality weight scales in Edmonton or the surrounding areas, these experts can provide you with the best solutions.


Questions To Ask when Choosing an Electrical Company in Calgary

If you need your project done to perfection, it is important that you choose the best electrical contractor. You need to take your time to find an electrical company you can trust and one that has a reputation that precedes itself. Sure, the process is not easy, but with the following factors to guide you, you will go through the process with great ease.

What do you need?

Are you planning to renovate an office building or your home? Or are you looking to change your office design or just make minor renovations? It is important that you decide the size of the project as well as the deadline of the project. When making these decisions, especially the deadline, you should be realistic. Some electrical companies in Calgary can complete projects in 6 months and some can complete the same in 3 months. Whichever the case, the electrical contractor you choose should be informed of the deadlines and expectations well beforehand.

How credible is the electrical company?

The electrical company and contractor that you choose should be licensed and have the necessary insurance coverage. If need be, you should ask the contractor to give you the proof of their licensing and insurance.

Also, keep in mind that insurance for most electrical companies in Calgary cannot be provided without the proper licensing. Checking these things will help to ensure that the electrical contractor is trained, experienced, reliable and can handle the cost of accidents in the event they occur.

What are the rates?

Whether the contractor will provide you with a verbal cost estimate or a written one will depend on the project you have. Some electrical contractors in Calgary charge per hour. This type of costing is done in situations where the project is complicated and it’s difficult to determine how much money will be needed to complete the project.

Hourly rates are also great, as they help to accommodate the changing client needs. Yes, this happens. Clients change their minds numerous times during a project. While it is allowed, you should note that some changes might end up costing you more.

Other electrical companies will use both material rates and time to charge for a project. This is to mean that the cost of materials used and the time it takes to complete the project will play a role in arriving at the total cost of the project. Time in this case also includes the time it takes to pick up and deliver materials from the hardware stores to the project site.

Is the proposal aligned with the needs of your office?

If the project at hand is clear, with a straightforward scope, most contractors will provide you with a written proposal. However, this only happens when the project is specific and the electrical contractor can get the materials easily.

If the proposal you are presented with does not meet your expectations, you should not hire the contractor. Move onto the next company or individual in line.


Bear in mind that great communication with the electrical company you choose is imperative. If you want the project to be done perfectly, do your due diligence to research and interview electrical contractors in Calgary.