Are Pens Biodegradable? 10 Ways To Make Your Office Eco Friendly

Are Pens Biodegradable?

It is important to note that while there are biodegradable pens, not all pens are biodegradable. The release of toxins from these non-biodegradable pens may have harmful effects on the environment. Asides that the organic solvent in inks may also contribute to the formation of photochemical oxidants. However, biodegradable pens, on the other hand, are often made of bioplastic and its ink contains non-toxic ingredients. As such, yes, there are biodegradable pens which you can be sure to add to your stationery.

10 Ways To Make Your Office Eco-friendly

The earth is slowly dying, and this is a fact we have all come to know and unfortunately accept. As such, the main focus now is how we can slow down if not stop the gradual deterioration of the planet. One of such ways we can do that is to begin to use more eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. Office spaces are not left out of the going green movement, and making your office space eco-friendly is not as difficult or as expensive as you might assume. These changes would not only save your business money and energy, but at the same time, it would contribute to slowing down the earth’s death. Here are 10 easy ways to go green in your office and save the planet.

Create A Sustainability Team

This is very important as a sustainability team is just what you need to promote awareness and accomplish more following your decision to go green. This team would handle eco-friendly projects such as starting and enabling a recycling program, helping with information to purchase more eco-friendly and energy efficient supplies.

A sustainability team would also educate the rest of your staff on the need for adopting more eco-friendly options, thus keeping the entire staff on the same page. This team would also keep a record of all positive and negative strides of your company towards eco-friendliness.

Go Paperless

One tree makes about 16.67 reams of paper, which is over 8300 sheets. Yearly, it is estimated that between 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are cut down for paper production, and more than half of these trees are not replanted. Hence going paperless is a significant stride in eco-friendliness.

Living in a digital age even makes this a lot easier as the presence of digital typing forums, cloud storage services, and digital pay stubs have primarily reduced the need for paper and printers in the workplace. Hence less paper equals less trees being cut down, which is in turn very good for the environment.

Unplug And Turn Off

Another way to make your office eco-friendly is to ensure your company saves energy by reducing its energy consumption. This can be done by unplugging all devices and turning off switches. Merely shutting down your device while plugged in does not at all reduce power consumption. This phantom, standby power can take a toll on your company’s expenses and also leave a significant mark on the environment.

Hence remember to power down unplug, and switch off all light bulbs and sockets before leaving your office. To make this easier, you can choose to install motion activated light bulbs that power off once it can no longer sense movements.

Lay Off The Thermostat

Reducing the cooling and heating temperatures of your office is another step you can take towards eco-friendliness. By lowering the AC or thermostat, you are in turn, reducing your impact on the environment. This doesn’t only reduce your office’s energy print on the environment, but also saves electric bill costs.

Renewable Energy

You can also choose to use renewable energy over electrical energy. With a wide range of green power options, which include solar and wind energy, your office is well on its way to going green. All you need to do is to shop for a green energy plan from your electricity supplier. These natural options have a better impact on society than burning coal or using natural gas would.

Hence you are also reducing the energy footprint of your office on the environment, making your office even more eco-friendly.

Potted Plants

It is virtually impossible to talk about going green without talking of plants. You can also bring in potted plants into your office. These plants would not only beautify your office but also improve the quality of air in your office. Indoor plants like Spider Plants, English Ivies, and Peace Lilies are common plants that not only filter the air but are also very easy to maintain.

This can also be taken to the environment around your office, planting gardens or trees would also improve your company’s eco-friendliness.

Your company can also sponsor other eco-friendly activities such as garbage collection and tree planting initiatives to improve your company’s contribution to going green.

Monthly Green Challenges

To promote eco-friendliness among your employees, you can create green challenges every month that would encourage them to go green. For instance, you can challenge the office to go a month without using paper or eat with plastic utensils and attach rewards to those who do not. These rewards could include; gift cards, coffee mugs, bus passes, to mention a few.

Green Commuting

Another way to make your office eco-friendly is to encourage your employees to lower commuting emissions wither by walking, cycling, or taking public transit to the office. As a reward, you can offer incentives. This would also contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of your office on the environment.


If your company doesn’t already have recycling options, then getting recycling bins would be a perfect way to manage your waste effectively. Separating paper, plastic/glass recyclables will help in separating biodegradable waste from non-degradable waste, reducing the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill.

Environmental Friendly Products

Using environmentally friendly products is another way of going green in your company. We are now more aware of the dangers of chemicals not only on our health but also on the environment; as a result, there are environmentally friendly versions of most products.

Switch your commercial cleaners for environmentally friendly alternatives; you can even change your stationery supplies as well.

Deciding to make your office eco-friendly means that you want to take decisive steps towards reducing your company’s carbon print. Going green is not as hard as it sounds, or as hard as many people would rather believe. Instead, eco-friendly steps are easily even more taken. Choosing to go green in your office might seem minimal, but it goes a long way to slowing down the earth’s deterioration.

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