How to Decide Where to Set up Shop – 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

Setting up a shop entails a lot more than just building a structure and selling stuff to the customers. You have to have a clear plan that can be implemented and achievable goals. This basically depends on the capital as this is the main variant that will determine the type and how large the investment can be. Decide on how you are going to operate the shop, this can be by setting in place the number of hours the business can operate. The operation logistics should be adhered to strictly is that the shop can run smoothly and reach your goals. The shop can be open five times a week working 24/7 or even more days.

Also it is necessary to choose a relevant and appealing name for your shop. This will be your marketing brand name once you start the shop. You can promote copyright the name of your shop to ensure is only a recognition to your shop alone. The name should consist not necessarily consist of what your shop deals in but it should be such that whenever a customer reads it, the shop comes to mind at whichever place. As the owner if you are not good at doing it, you do not need to necessarily do it yourself as you can hire a professional either to write the graphics or design.


After getting all the capital, design and the name, the final step is deciding where to locate your shop. This is also a major factor as it will have an impact even in the sales volume which directly affects your profits since every shop owner wants to sell as much as they can. Site of location of a shop entirely relies on the customers’ view which should be understood by the shop owner. The customers view depends of a number of factors such as the specificity or speciality of goods in which the shop deals in, then how convenient your shop is.

A] Speciality and specific goods

Before setting up a shop in a certain location you have to determine how relevant the goods are to the buyers. Buyers will make an effort or visit your shop to buy what they use and are familiar with. There is also a situation whereby the customers might wish to test a new product but speciality goods are always marketable since the customers will always be willing to buy them. If the shop location isolated from the rest, then the goods should be relevant so as to attract customers.

B] Convenience

The shop location should also be convenient to customers so as to generate customer traffic. Your location should take in consideration all the customers such as those who drive should get an ample parking close to your shop. The facilities of the shop should also be convenient even to the disabled, this will encourage more customers in. 

C] Availability of basic resources

The basic resources range from amenities like availability of power, security and even water sources. This are essential needs for any shop, this can be a bit challenging to businesses that exist in isolation especially in undeveloped regions but this is a very minimal occurrence.

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