Why Use Talk Through Glass for Cleanroom Communications?

Are you aware of what it takes to keep a cleanroom free of anything that could disrupt its goings on? A cleanroom isa controlled environment that tends to be used for the likes of research and containment, aiming to keep any form of contaminants out. Anyone entering or exiting can only do so by wearing special apparels to contain the likes of human hair and germs. But, with a cleanroom communication is still necessary, and can be achieved through the likes of a melaphone. What is a melaphone? How can it help with cleanroom communications? Let us explain.

What is a Melaphone?

A melaphone is a form of talk through glass that is designed to allow communication in places where security and hygiene is vital and cannot be compromised. It is created using a polycarbonate guard that is high in impact strength and also includes a stainless-steel mesh guard cover for added protection. Another positive fact about this talk through glass? There is no need for a loudspeaker, which means no electricity is necessary. You can achieve clear conversation without the need for electrical power. Typical places that melaphones can be used are the likes of hospitals, booking offices, reception areas and also cleanrooms.

Why is it Useful for Cleanrooms?

A melaphone is ideal to use for cleanroom communications due to its various qualities. It allows visual contact between people, for a more clear and simplistic style of communicating. More importantly, this type of talk through glass also enables unobstructed communication without the risk of contamination in the likes of a cleanroom, which requires complete absence of any kind of airborne contaminants so that interference is not caused for the goings on within it.

What Does Talk Through Glass Help in Keeping Out?

The types of contaminants that a melaphone assists with keeping out of a cleanroom is the likes of dust, germs, mould and pollen. These forms of contaminants can compromise the goings on in a cleanroom, but thanks to the barrier surrounding the melaphone and the melaphone itself, any form of airborne contaminants are kept out whilst still allowing conversation.

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